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Ghosts Within

Ghosts WithinHurricane Katrina is howling in the Gulf of Mexico. Travel writer Zee Zuchowski, along with kid sister Zarra, flees from her shotgun-style home in New Orleans. With no viable options left, Zee reluctantly returns to the Myrtles Plantation in rural St. Francisville, Louisiana. She can deal with the alleged antics of a former slave, but memories of a night wandering lost in the woods and a body in an abandoned pool still collide in her head. Worse still, Zee is told that due to her misadventure, what she thought she saw isn’t real: there is no body; all that’s been found is a discarded mannequin. Zee fears she can no longer separate fact from fiction.

Zee’s trepidation at revisiting a town founded as a cemetery increases as a new apparition, a friend’s betrayal, insurance fraud, an attractive stranger, a crazed parrot, a bizarre beachside memorial service, a delusional pot-smoking mother, and a father’s fatal fall stir up ghosts within. During her turbulent stay at “America’s Most Haunted Home,” this hurricane refugee confronts her troubled past while unraveling the death of a young girl.

Ashes of Old Lovers

Zee Zuchowski has been lured to the Grevonburg mansion with the promise of a lucrative assignment to write a book about their legacy. Instead, she finds a family obsessed with a ghost. Janice Sennett-Grevonburg wants him gone. Janice’s mother, Mary Alice, believes her dead son is upset with her. Janice’s stepchildren have a different agenda. Zee returns from an overnight visit with the older—but very appealing—estate manager Ben Boyd to the scene of a murder. Someone has been bludgeoned to death in the kitchen. Like a game of Clue with too many suspects, Zee is determined to follow the bizarre trail and uncover the truth.

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