About Me

Sillery signing“Behind every façade, there is a story. The challenge for a writer is to unravel the mystery and present it to the reader in a way that stirs the imagination and leads them on a journey where they interact with the characters.”

—Barbara Sillery

Words are my passion and the journey is awesome. I happily follow a tale wherever it takes me. I have danced at pow wows and traveled by boat to Native American burial grounds. Whether it requires climbing a less-than-adequate ladder to reach the belvedere of an abandoned plantation house or descending into the rotting hull of a wooden lugger on a murky bayou, it’s about discovering each hidden detail. From slave cabins and crumbling sugar mills to remote cemeteries and rural barns, each has revealed a piece of the puzzle. From legends and myths to folklore and fakelore, I follow the clues to uncover the past. If a ghost (or two) happens to wander by, it’s lagniappe − an intriguing bonus.

It is rewarding to take an idea from concept to the reality of writing, directing, and producing full-length cultural documentaries and feature to be broadcast on PBS stations around the country. And it is nice to receive accolades from such prestigious organizations  as NETA, the National Educational Television Association, the Tellys, Worldfest, Women in Communications and the New Orleans Press Club.

Tales of Folklore & New Mystery Novels

As the author of four books of folklore: The Haunting of Cape Cod and the Islands, The Haunting of Mississippi, The Haunting of Louisiana, and my most recent book, Biloxi Memories—a look inside the history of a resilient Gulf Coast community—which was named Best Non Fiction Beach Book. I have also taken on the challenge of writing two mystery novels:  Ghosts Within and Ashes of Old Lovers. I continue to juggle a career as a television producer, writer, and director.fifteen years in a row, I have produced  the four-hour live Mardi Gras coverage of The Rex Ball and the Meeting of the Courts of Rex and Comus for PBS station WYES-TV.

My work as a field producer for nationally syndicated television shows such as Extra, Strange Universe, Dangerous Destinations, and How'd They Do That? has resulted in some surprising assignments. I have interviewed celebrities on movie sets: Hilary Swank, Dakota Fanning, Forest Whitaker, Jamie Foxx and Rob Lowe are among my favorites. I have had the pleasure of meeting musicians Willie Nelson and Faith Hill, and athletic giants like the towering Shaquille O'Neal.

i confess a certain fondness for legends, myths and folklore and acquired the reputation as the "Ghost Writer." I never tire of unraveling the mystery of what keeps a spirit tethered to this earthly world and how do the current occupants of a reputed haunted site deal with their resident ghosts? After four books, countless magazine articles, documentaries, and television assignments I remain as excited about the possibilities as I was at the beginning of my career.

My Personal History

Barbara Sillery side shotI was raised in New York, attended college in Pennsylvania, and began a professional television career traveling from a home base in New Orleans to cities around the country. I am currently settling in Cape Cod, and I am drawn to the diversity of culture and history in each region.

Along the way, I acquired a B.A. in Theater and Speech, served a stint at Actor’s Equity Theatre in New York, and earned credits towards a Master’s degree in Communications from the University of New Orleans. I also produced and directed Trade Show News programs for conventions from Florida to California, was the On-Air Promotion Director for a PBS station, and President of my own television production company (Lagniappe Media).

During my professional career, I have received honors and awards from the American Association for State and Local History, Women in Communications, the New Orleans Press Club, the ADDYs, the Tellys, the Houston International Worldfest, and the Southern Educational Telecommunications Association. I have served on media panels for the Arts Council of New Orleans, the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. I currently serve on the board of the Cape Cod Writers Center and the Falmouth Historical Society.

I am the very proud mother of three incredible women: Danielle Genter Moore, the Law Enforcement Coordinator for the  Animal Rescue League of Boston, Rebecca Genter, scientist with Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, and Heather Bell Genter, Assistant Curator of Animal Husbandry at the Denver Zoo. I take no credit for my daughters’ expertise and passion for “lions and tigers and bears, oh, my!” My growing clan includes Michael Timothy Moore and namesake, Leila Sillery Moore.

Please check out my new blog for updates, questions, and hopefully, the answers you are looking for. I’ll discuss writing techniques, my new mystery novels, behind-the-scenes stories, and, of course, track down a few more haunted tales, and the ghosts who make it all happen.

Be sure to contact the author when you have any inquiries about her mystery novels. Based in Cape Cod, she travels nationwide for her work.