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Merry Christmas to all and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2014! 
is at the exciting halfway point, and the owners of so many of these wonderful historic "haunted" sites have been amazing.The book wil have a Fall 2014 release date and I hope everyone will enjoy reading it.
The Biloxi Memories documentary is slated for an August 2014 premier broadcast on WYES/Channel 12 in New Orleans; we had a fun shoot this summer, I am working on the edit script and we'll start editing this Spring.
And a special thanks to everyone who came to one of my books signings during my October booktour for THE HAUNTING OF MISSISSIPI, and to my incredible hosts in Biloxi, Meridian, and Columbus, MS.  And thanks also to my hosts at the Louisiana State Museum/1850 House. It was a great evening; I always love talking about THE HAUNTING OF LOUISIANA.
Of course, Mardi Gras season is coming up, and I'll be returning to New Orleans to produce the annual live broadcast of THE MEETING OF THE COURTS OF REX AND COMUS, Tuesday, Mardi Gras night, March 6, 2014 starting at 7:30. Lot's to look forward to this year. 
To reach me, email is best  barbarasillery@gmail.com
As always, I am juggling two projects at once: a new book, THE HAUNTING OF CAPE COD, and a new documentary, BILOXI MEMORIES for WYES-TV, so this summer, there will be a lot of traveling between Cape Cod and the Gulf Coast. Research for the book has been fun. So far, there's a love story involving Pirate Captain Black Sam Bellamy and an accused witch, real pirate treasure recovered from an actual pirate ship sunk off the coast of Cape Cod, and a crazy tale about an eighteen-century preacher who ran over a young boy with his horse; his spirit haunts the graveyard - and, yes, I paid a visit to the three-centuries old cemetery.
I'll keep you posted.
A note about the documentary scheduled for broadcast in August of 2014:
Anyone who has memories to share of Biloxi, especially the Broadwater Beach Hotel, please contact me at my email:  barbarasillery@gamil.com
My most recent documentary, CITY PARK MEMORIES premiered with great success, and according to my very biased daughter, Rebecca, it is my best yet.DVDs are available through wyes.org
DVDs of PLANTATION PORTRAITS and FADED LADIES are still available through Amazon.You can click the link on this website.
And of course, copies of my books: THE HAUNTING OF LOUISIANA and THE HAUNTING OF MISSISSIPPI can be ordered through your local bookstore, and on Amazon either as "regular" books or as Kindle e-books. 
FADED LADIES & PLANTATION PORTRAITS are perfect for those who want to learn more about plantation architecture, historic preservationist, and especially about African-American heritage and the contributions of an enslaved people: their skills in cabinet making, building, and other crafts. Amazing slave narratives brought to life along with insights into plantation lifestyles in the big houses.
I'll looking forward to a great summer. and wishing you all the best, 



 More about Barbara Sillery:

Words are my passion. And the journey is awesome. Much of what I write about requires extensive background research,and occasional participation. I have danced at Powwows and traveled by boat to Native American burial grounds tucked deep into hidden bayous; climbed a less-than-adequate ladder to reach the belvedere of an abandoned plantation house, and descended into the rotting hull of a wooden oyster lugger.

I am also fortunate to work in both the print and broadcast fields. My work as a field producer for syndicated television shows like xtra, Strange Universe, Dangerous Destinations, and CBS News, The Early Show has resulted in some surprising assignments.  have interviewed celebrities on movie sets: Hilary Swank, Dakota Fanning, Forest Whitaker, Jamie Foxx and Rob Lowe are among my favorites. ther great interviews were with musicians Willie Nelson and Faith Hill, and the towering giant Shaquille O'Neal.

On the flip side, I've had to grit my teeth hile asking the Why question to a peeping tom who created his own website as " . . . as a public service," and have had trouble maintaing a eutral expression while interviewing young girls as they bared all at a Girls Gone Wild Mardi Gras party on a Bourbon Street balcony.

I confess a certain fondness for legends, myths, and folklore. As the author of THE HAUNTING OF LOUISIANA and THE HAUNTING OF MISSISSIPPI,
I have acquired a reputation as "the ghost writer." There is an undeniable appeal for tracking clues to uncover the past: Whose footsteps, eerie whispers,
odd pranks, wispy illusions, and occasional startling appearances are these? Why does he/she choose to haunt his/her former home? What happened to keep this troubled pirit tethered to the earthly world? And how do the current occupants of the historic site deal with their resident ghost?
I never tire of attempting to unravel the mystery.

After two books, countless magazine articles, a dozen documentaries, and twenty-plus years of television assignments, I am also tackling  mystery novel, GHOSTS WITHIN. I'll let you know how that's going.

In the meantime, I continue to work and be available for assignments as a writer, field producer, script consultant.
Contact me by email: barbarasillery@gmail.com or leave me a message on Facebook. I'll be happy to discuss your next project and how we might work together.

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